Ken Goodman
My name is Ken Goodman and as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I've been helping people overcome anxiety disorders and live their lives free of fear and worry for over 20 years. I have witnessed some of the most amazing and wonderful transformations. It gives me great pleasure to guide people from a place of despair, fear, and worry to a place of calm, hope, and happiness. And I'd like to help you, too. I recently created a 9-disc self-help audio course for overcoming anxiety, panic, worry, and compulsions entitled The Anxiety Solution Series. It's based on the proven techniques I use every day in my therapy sessions. On this page, you can hear from actual patients how The Anxiety Solution Series has helped them conquer their anxiety disorders and take back control of their lives. To learn more about The Anxiety Solution Series and how it can help you, visit
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