MegaCities-ShortDocs is a Citizen short documentary-films Festival highlighting initiatives and/or sharing unacceptable situations seeking to bring effective solutions to Megacities' challenges in order to improve the life of citizens. The final goal is to inspire people to reproduce / adapt initiatives which would make sense in THEIR city The Festival is open to all citizens who want to film in a megacity of the world (more than 10 million inhabitants) such as New York, Paris, Delhi, Tokyo, Shanghai (38 cities) AND in any city for 2 specific prizes: [15 Minute City] & [Urban Climate Crisis] Every year a professional jury will select 15 nominated shortdocs that will be screened during the Award Ceremony in Paris in December where the film-makers will be awarded The best ShortDocs will also be screened in chosen (mega)cities across the world Would you like to film inspiring solutions or to share unacceptable situations? Apply NOW, short films to be uploaded before end of October
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