We want to cover the whole Globe, but TMIXTURE is not a 24/7 news Channel. Tmixture runs with limited resources. So, please don't expect everything. What we do? ----------------- Tmixture's videos falls into 4 categories. 1- NEWS analysis 2- ANALYSIS on sports , TV shows, entertainment, POLITICS 3- KNOWLEDGE - constitution,psychology,literature,history and sociology 4 - OPINION on political news, sports news, entertainment news, social media events, trends, changes in law, literature, tv shows TMIXTURE never supports any POLITICAL party and analyzes OBJECTIVELY. TMIXTURE Channel is a popular Analysis & entertainment Telugu channel reaches Telugu audience through out the world. TMIXTURE channel has the original audio content and we only use the Creative commons images. Tmixture respects Integrity We always welcome open, useful discussions for better world. If anyone has any issue with data,video,audio,content in TMIXTURE they can directly drop an email to Tmixture. We respond.
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