Barbie Mermaid Baby Doll First Day of School Routine Story

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Barbie baby doll mermaids are getting ready for the first day of school. Barbie Mom makes a yummy breakfast under the sea and Dad Ken wakes up the kids and gets them ready. Barbie Babies are so excited to go to mermaid school and make new friends. We pretend to play with so many mermaid dolls and under the sea accessories to create this fun friendly story. This story teaches kids that its ok to be a bit nervous about first day of school but it will be lots of fun. Ariella saves the day by using her magical powers. #Titi #Dolls #Barbie Barbie Baby Doll Runs Away! - Barbie & Ken Family Story Barbie & Ken Family Cleaning Routine - Toddler Supermarket Shopping Barbie & Ken Family Road Trip Adventure - Sisters Dream house Cleaning Routine Barbie & Ken Family Wedding Day Adventures - Flower Girl Story Barbie & Ken Family First Gymnastics Class Morning Routine - Titi Toys

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