Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Solve the Alignment Control Center Screen Puzzle

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This video originally aired on May 11, 2023. You may find this underground high republic facility with a number of screens inside. This is the Alignment Control Center, and it is home to a very powerful upgrade for you completionists out there, but you have to find every Jedi Meditation Chamber on Koboh to unlock its secrets. That’s why we’re here to tell you what you need to do to solve the mystery of the Alignment Control Center. Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:30 - How to find the Alignment Control Center 01:41 - 1: Chamber of Duality - Collapsed Passage 02:18 - 2: Chamber of Reason - Basalt Rift 04:26 - 3: Chamber of Clarity - Untamed Downs 06:40 - 4: Devastated Settlement Ruins 07:41 - 5: Chamber of Detachment - Mountain Ascent 09:54 - 6: Chamber of Connection - Viscid Bog 13:24 - 7: Chamber of Fortitude - Corroded Silo 14:54 - How to Claim the Alignment Control Center Map Upgrade For more on Jedi Survivor, including collectible hints, walkthroughs, boss guides and more, head to our written guide on IGN. #IGN #Gaming #StarWarsJediSurvivor

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