tRFC - Part 3 || Transaction RFC| Summary

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In this video I have mentioned about the theratical aspect of t- RFC. t-rfc service quality is 'Exactly Once'. It ensures that the RFC FM is going to get execute only once on the destination server. This is the beauty of the t-RFC. Note:- For Complete Course in ABAP / ABAP ON HANA / OOPS ABAP / CROSS APPS - Please contact me. WhatsApp - 8971472172 Email - PPT File Link: All types of function module: Parallel processing ( One real time example of Aynchronous RFC ) - What is t-RFC? Describe it in Detail and Demonstrate that how SAP LUW can be achieved with the help of t-RFC. Ans – it is one of the Bundling techniques to achieve the SAP LUW. It has following Properties – It is run Exactly Once in Reciever System. Reciever system may not be available all the time to receive the t-RFC call. Each t-RFC call is identified with unique ID is known as TID. If the receiving system is not available within certain time to receive the call then the t-RFC call gets scheduled to get execute in batch job by program RSARFCSE This Program is by default set to run at 15 minutes interval. This program is written in such way that whenever it runs it tries for 30 times to send a t-RFC call to receiver system. The Attempt count can be changed under enhancement programs SABP0000 and SABP0003 All the T-RFC failed Call can be seen under SM59 t-code. Tables for t-RFC :- ARFCSSTATE: Name of the destination ARFCSDATA: Import Parameters/ Export Parameters / Tables etc

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