Spline, Worm and Gear Hobbing - How to Make Gears

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Quick overview about the production methods of gear cutting. This video illustrates the basic generating methods of a hobbing machine. The first spline is a 15 tooth ANSI B92.1 16/32 DP, 30°PA involute spline, the second a 47 tooth 24/48 DP, 45° serration, then a 45 tooth 12 DP 14.5°PA single start left hand worm gear, and finally a 40 tooth 10 Diametral Pitch (2.54 Module) 20° PA 20° Helix Angle RH Helical Gear.

Published by: Doppler Gear Company
Published at: 6 years ago
Category: فیلم و انیمیشن