IGBT Halfbridge Power Supply 22,5kV 1kVA 650W - PART.3


Part 3 testing new power supply with IGBT halfbridge with my own high voltage transformer - on this video is second identical HV transformer because the first one burned. Article with photos: https://www.vn-experimenty.eu/vn-zdroje/vn-zdroj-igbtpolomost.html PART.1 - https://youtu.be/pQVLMvjx6Qg PART.2 - https://youtu.be/P2tjW4HRELs HV transformer: secondary coil: 1100 turns primary coil: 17 turns f0=50,8kHz Uout: 22,5kVpk driver: TL494 frequency: 25,4kHz IGBT brick: SKM75GB063D (600V, 100A) On the oscilloscope is the primary coil current, 5A/div. Max about 35-40A. Power consumption measured on UT71E. Maximum vertical arc is 16-17cm (distance of electrodes).

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