Solo Shuffle Showdown | Championship Sunday

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The Solo Shuffle Showdown is the first competitive event of it's kind for the Solo Shuffle Brawl. Watch along as 72 top Gladiators from Europe & Americas compete as individuals for the $100,000 USD in prizing and the title of Solo Shuffle Champions. ► Full Blog Post: ► Subscribe for more WoW content:​ ► Follow WoW Esports on Twitter: #WorldofWarcraft​​ #SSS #SoloShuffle Chapters: 0:00 Countdown 0:35:26 M1 | Brunhity, Kasuxoxo, Tay, Whaazz, Clydey, Zenlyn 0:50:08 M2 | Joefernandes, Niksi, Trillebartom, Zeepeye, Asgarath, Joodledump 1:19:55 M3 | Tay, Trillebartom, Whaazz, Zeepeye, Joodledump, Zenlyn 1:35:35 M4 | Brunhity, Joefernandes, Kasuxoxo, Niksi, Asgarath, Clydey 2:00:16 M5 | Brunhity, Niksi, Tay, Whaazz, Asgarath, Clydey 2:27:48 | EUROPE WINNERS INTERVIEW 2:41:00 M6 | Dipi, Fuse, Pikaboo, Trill, Absterge, Fley 3:01:00 M7 | Bicmex, Drake, Kalvish, KzFox, Brain, Foxyllama 3:18:30 M8 | Bicmex, Drake, Fuse, Trill, Brain, Fley 3:33:43 M9 | Dipi, Kalvish, KzFox, Pikaboo, Absterge, Foxyllama 3:59:20 M10 | Fuse, Kalvish, KzFox, Trill, Fley, Foxyllama 4:29:10 NA WINNERS INTERVIEW 5:02:45 DF SHOWMATCH | Brunhity, Tay, Trill, Whaazz, Absterge, Clydey 5:12:00 SHOW END

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