Humane AI Pin CEO Shows Us What It Can Do


CNET's Andy Lanxon gets a walk through of the new Humane AI pin at Mobile World Congress 2024 with the company's Co-Founder and CEO Bethany Bongiorno. Read the CNET article: Humane's Wearable AI Pin Hints at a Phone-Free Future 00:00 Intro 00:32 What is it? 01:04 Helpful Assistant 02:25 Lazer Ink Projector 04:34 Stand Alone Device 05:14 Price 05:49 What's Next Subscribe to CNET on YouTube: Never miss a deal again! See CNET’s browser extension 👉 Check out CNET’s Amazon Storefront: Follow us on TikTok: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on X: Like us on Facebook: Visit #humane #ai #lazerink

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