How to Make Crystal Clear Glacier Ice

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Imagine glacier ice cubes—zero bubbles, zero cracks, so clear they become invisible in the glass—floating in your cocktail. How? It’s simple. All you need is a small insulated cooler and water. Visit ChefSteps for the full recipe: Why do ice cubes made in trays come out cloudy? The water is freezing from all directions: below, from all the sides, and the top. That means the ice forms a solid shell from the outside, with icy water in the middle. Problem is, water expands by 9% as it freezes. That means that as the inside freezes, there’s nowhere for it to go. It cracks. It bubbles. It fissures. Cloudy ice cubes. Glaciers, however—and lakes—stay clear because they freeze only from the top down. Without freeze happening from all sides, ice cubes could be clear too. How do we create a glacier at home? Buy a cooler with thick insulated sides, (or get an old Coleman from the thrift store.) Fill it with water. Let it freeze for 24 to 48 hours. And the rest? Well, just watch.

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