Georgia’s Heart Transplant Story: A journey of perseverance | Boston Children’s Hospital

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Ryan and Kate Bowen never imagined that their fourth child would go into cardiac arrest or need a heart transplant. To provide the care that their daughter Georgia needed, the Heart Center at Boston Children’s formed a personalized team of caregivers to help Georgia grow into the smiley, loving toddler she is today. At the Boston Children’s Hospital Heart Center, our top-ranked team treats the full spectrum of cardiac disorders, including the rarest and most complex congenital heart defects. We maintain one of the world’s largest teams of highly trained pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, with extensive sub-specialty expertise across dozens of programs and services, including ones exclusively offered provided through Boston Children’s Heart Center. Featured Doctors: Dr. Thiagarajan: Dr. VanderPluym:

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Published at: 3 years ago
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