Barbie Doll Family Airplane Travel Routine & Ken Wedding

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Barbie Family airplane travel video! Barbie and her dreamhouse adventure family go on vacation! They hop on an airplane to attend Aunt Millie's wedding. Chelsea is the flower girl! At first, she doesn't feel too good but after a healthy snack and a good night's sleep she wakes up feeling healthy and happy! We dress up Barbie and her sisters in pretty dresses, brush their hair, and even apply miniature make-up. The family has a great time together. Bonus Episode is Barbie sisters spring cleaning and a garage sale! It's always a great idea to clean up the Barbie dreamhouse with the doll vacuum and washing machine! They also have an awesome garage sale. Titi Toys and dolls is a fun channel for kids ! We are kid-friendly and family-friendly and always love playing and using our imagination! We inspire kids with our videos to always act positively and have strong family values! Barbie & Ken Family Morning Routine - New Baby Sister & Playground Barbie & Ken Family Morning Routine - Baby Doll Toy Pool Fun! Barbie Sisters Airplane Travel Routine Story - Doll Airport Pretend Play

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Published at: 4 months ago
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