Barbie Skipper Goes on a Date - Titi Toys & Dolls

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Barbie Skipper goes to the diner with her science lab partner Jordan. Chelsea and Stacie want to spy on her! They grab their allowance and follow them. Skipper sees Barbies BFF Nikki working there! We roleplay as real diner restaurant servers. They have so much fun together. Stacie and Chelsea realize their plan is harder than it looks! Chelsea puts a coin in the jukebox to play her favorite song when Skipper sees them! What happens you won't expect. Jordan is a really nice guy! This date turns in to a family event even Barbie and Teresa show up! #Barbie #Titi #Toys Barbie Sick Day Morning Routine - Dreamhouse Adventure Toys Barbie Family Vacation - Airplane Travel Routine & Beach Hotel Barbie LOL Goldie Family Travel Routine, New Pet and Punk Boi Crush Barbie & Ken Family Road Trip Adventure - Sisters Dream house Cleaning Routine Barbie & Ken Family Travel Routine - Baby First Airplane Ride Barbie Dreamhouse Family Goes School Supply Shopping - Toy Supermarket

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