Soto Ayam - Traditional Indonesian Chicken Soup

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Indonesia has many spectacular soups, one of which is the ubiquitous and famous Soto. The delicious taste of chicken combined with spices has made it one of Indonesia's culinary icons. The name, Soto, is said to be an adaptation from the Chinese word Cao du (草肚), tripe. Several accompaniments to the dish also bear a strong Chinese influence, such as rice vermicelli. However, in Indonesia, different regions have their own versions of Soto, bringing along local spices and herbs. This makes Soto a uniquely Indonesian dish. Ingredients 1 kg fresh chicken 5 cm (15 g) fresh ginger 5 cm (15 g) fresh galangal 3 kaffir lime leaves 2 lemongrass stalks 1 salam leaf 1½ l water ½ tsp (2.5 g) ground white pepper 2 tsp salt Spice Paste 8 (50 g) shallots 5 cloves (25 g) fresh garlic 5 cm (10 g) fresh turmeric 3 tbsp vegetablle oil Enjoy! #sotoayam #indonesianfood Follow us Novita: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Seraphine: Instagram: Youtube:

Published by: Novita Listyani
Published at: 5 months ago
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