Meet Loki the overly affectionate raven who likes to cuddle.

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A UK filmmaker has become best friends with a raven and says the bird often comes inside for a cuddle. The seven-year-old called Loki has grown up in captivity and now has a bond so strong with its owner that it regularly seeks him out for an embrace. Elliot Manarin, based in Basildon, was offered Loki by a breeder after its owner passed away and initially discovered a spiky personality. But years of hard work, love and attention has seen the pair become best friends with the animal even comforting the 33-year-old when his mum died. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Subscribe to NewsflareBreaking: Connect with NewsflareBreaking Online: ▶Facebook ▶Twitter ▶Google+ Register now to upload your videos and be notified of paid video assignments near you. → Visit to find out more.

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Published at: 1 year ago
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