What's New in WoW Classic Season of Discovery | Featuring PlatinumWoW

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New Level Caps, New Quests, New Monsters, New PvP Activities, New End-Game Content, and New Role-Defining Abilities! Join PlatinumWoW for a glimpse into what you can expect to find in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. Live November 30th! ► Latest WoW news: http://worldofwarcraft.com/news ► Subscribe to WoW: http://blizz.ly/WoWYTSub ► Visit WoW on Battle.net: https://shop.battle.net/family/world-... -- ► Follow Warcraft on Twitter: https://twitter.com/warcraft ► Follow Warcraft on Instagram: https://instagram.com/warcraft ► Like Warcraft on Facebook: https://facebook.com/warcraft

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Published at: 3 months ago