ChefSteps Microwave Frenzy: the failures, successes, and delicious surprises

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Come to ChefSteps for the full story: We spent the day with seven microwaves, trying to invent the impossible and create some pretty amazing dishes through the process. No reheating coffee or making things explode. We wanted to make truly incredible food in the microwave. Have you ever steamed whole fish in a microwave? Did you know it actually can be amazing? Have you ever made perfect scrambled eggs (and we mean that word—PERFECT) in a microwave? Soft, fluffy scrambled eggs in less than a minute. We don’t know now why you would use a pan again. Have you ever made caramels in a microwave? Gluten-free Funfetti cake? Jam? Here’s one that might seem impossible. How about searing a $200 Kobe steak in the microwave? Think we’re crazy? It works. How, you ask. How? Let us show you what we learned.

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Published at: 3 years ago
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