Walkthrough | Virtual Guitarist IRON


Take an in-depth look into Virtual Guitarist IRON, a virtual instrument providing satisfyingly hard and roaring power chords within your DAW to offer up to the gods of rock. Create powerful riffs quickly and easily with Virtual Guitarist IRON’s intuitive and simple controls. Chapters: 00:36 Choosing a Preset 00:50 Guitar Pickups and Thrust Control 01:22 Amp Simulations and Drive Level 01:51 Style Section: Styles, Phrases and How to Use the Mod-Wheel 02:33 Key Section 02:53 Latch Button 03:05 Speed, Swing and Feel Control 03:57 Drop D & Doubling Button 04:35 Effect Section: Delay, Chorus and Reverb 05:25 How to Get VG IRON Try it now free for 30 days: https://www.ujam.com/iron/

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