NoxPlayer Best Settings For Low End PC - How to speed up Nox App Player in Windows 10

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How to speed up nox player 6. 1. Make sure that you have the latest version of Nox App Player installed on your Windows PC. 2. Reconfigure the RAM and CPU Allocated to NOX - Select the number of CPU and Memory - Middle (2 core CPU, 3072MB Memory) - Graphics rendering mode: Enhanced compatibility mode (OpenGL+) - Resolution setting: your monitor resolution - Enable High FPS Mode (120FPS) 3. Set Nox to High Priority 4. Adjust power plan setting 5. Enable VT to get better performance 6. Clean Up Disk Space on NoxPlayer 7. Switch to the high-performance processor 8. Update your outdated drivers to the latest version nox player best settings for low end pc nox player best settings for pubg how to make nox not lag how to make nox player smoothly

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