Barbie Family Airplane Travel Routine - Dreamhouse Vacation Adventure

1.6 M


Barbie Family from Dreamhouse adventures is going on a trip! They go to the airport and we pretend to play that we are flight attendants! They check in their suitcases and play with miniature passports. They need to yummy breakfast! They get miniature doll food from the coffee shop. It's time to board the airplane! Chelsea doesn't feel too good but Barbie Mommy takes care of her. They are so excited to check in to their hotel and attend their Aunt's party! they even packed special barbie dresses. This storytelling video comes to life with all my collection of dollhouse miniature food and accessories! I hope to inspire you to use your imagination and become a storyteller too! Toys featured: Barbie Airport, Pilot Doll Barbie Airplane Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Barbie Coffee Shop Barbie & Ken Family Evening Routine - Supermarket Grocery Shopping & Babysitting Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Family Cleaning Routine - Titi Toys Barbie & Ken Family Morning Routine - New Baby Sister & Playground Barbie Sisters Airplane Travel Routine Story - Doll Airport Pretend Play Barbie LOL Family Travel Routine - Baby Goldies First Airplane Ride Barbie Doll LOL Family Morning Travel Routine in The Playground & Supermarket Barbie Dolls Go School Supply Shopping - Supermarket Toy Store for Kids

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Published at: 5 months ago
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