Mini Max

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This New Mini Max Sluice Concentrator it the most versatile package that, we have ever offered. This is a great unit for the beginner or the serious prospector and should be a part of everybody’s prospecting arsenal. This is a serious prospecting piece of equipment that will always part of your arsenal. Wether you are working river banks, recirculating in the desert, assaying samples or just cleaning concentrates from larger dredges dry washers and other type of equipment. Professionally engineered to perform and American Made.. American made quality to last and professionally engineered. The lower sluice box contains our world famous Miracle matting that is partially covered by oversized expanded metal. The balance of the sluice box is lined with our green rubber riffle that recovers the fine gold and can handle higher volumes of material. The grizzly bar classification increases fine gold recovery and helps maintain higher volumes of material. There is a additional Miracle matting included for the lower sluice box converting it into a professional clean up machine by simply sliding out the green rubber riffle and replacing it with miracle matting and utilizing the finer woven mesh classifier in the top hopper. The combination of the finer classification and the Miracle matting provides unsurpassed fine gold recover in any other clean up system. The top hopper is equipped with a new flood header that provides smooth flow of water passing over a slick plate then over 6” section miracle matting providing a preview to indicate if you are in the gold. The material then is washed over a removable classifier grizzle screen for bank run type gravel and a finer woven mesh for very fine gold areas or when using as a concentrating machine Unsurpassed in fine gold recovery, up to ¾ 1/2 of a yard per hour when using as power sluice. Professional clean up sluice up to two buckets per hour 1/4 yard per hour on gold concentrates when using Miracle matting Shovel into the classifier hopper without the need of pre-classification, move more material less effort. Powered by battery driven 2 x 1200 GPH 12-volt pumps or a small single gas pump. Ideal for back packing and folds into an amazing compact size of 36” x 7” x 14” weighing under 15 lbs The 4 independent legs fold up with the new pinlock system, large wing nut provides elevation control. New flood header hopper easily lifts and removes off easily to inspect lower sluice. No tools. Just lift off. Battery powered, provides a silent operation for areas that you do not want to draw attention to your operation. Ideal for water recirculating in the field or even at home. Super mini Sluice Concentrator 12 volt Makes the ultimate hand sluice light weight compact with folding adjustable legs

Published by: Keene Engineering Inc.
Published at: 6 years ago
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