3 tips to recognize good quality pasta like a true Italian

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Here are 3 tips to recognise good quality pasta like a true Italian: 1. Color: a dry pasta that is too yellow is a sign that it was dried with a high-temperature process in a very short time. so not naturally like a good quality pasta, that should be of a pale yellow looking color. 2. Texture: an excellent pasta has a slightly rough surface. This roughness is given from bronze dies and helps sauces stick better to the pasta, enhancing the overall eating experience. Look for bronze-cut pasta  3. Cooking time: it should be accurate and not cook too fast, also If after cooking the pasta, its original shape is ruined is a clear indication of a low-quality product.  What is your favorite pasta shape?  Share it in the comments and don’t forget to follow for more videos like this.  https://video.cookist.com/video/an/ZZ0Ka-SwnLJXNmlQ

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