GoDaddy | How to Setup DNS from GoDaddy to DigitalOcean DNS | Change GoDaddy Nameserver DigitalOcean

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How to Setup DNS from GoDaddy with Digital Ocean Droplet. Add a custom Domain Name to Digital Ocean droplet. In this video, we configured GoDaddy DNS, Added a custom domain to Digital Ocean Networking & connected custom domain to DigitalOcean droplet. Also, avail 100$ FREE DigitalOcean Credit. 100$ DigitalOcean Credit: DNS, or "Domain Name System", is a naming system that is used to convert a server's hostname into an IP address. DNS is what binds a domain name to a web server that is hosting that domain's content. Few key topics discussed in this video: 1:13 GoDaddy DNS Setup & Configuration 1:27 Change GoDaddy Nameservers to Digital Ocean 2:01 Add custom Domain to Digital Ocean Networking 3:42 How to create Digital Ocean Droplet with Ubuntu 4:42 How to connect to Digital Ocean Droplet using SSH Access - Terminal in Mac 7:23 How to connect a custom domain to Digital Ocean Droplet This video demonstrated the following questions: 1. How to configure your Godaddy Nameservers to point to Digital Ocean? 2. How to change Godaddy Nameservers to point to Digital Ocean? 3. How to create a digital ocean droplet? 4. How to connect a custom domain to Digital ocean droplet? 5. How to connect to a VPS or digitalocean droplet using SSH terminal? 6. Digital Ocean DNS management, add a custom domain to digital ocean & more. VIDEO LINK on Domain Config: See my other videos on DigitalOcean infrastructure: 1. Create subdomains on DigitalOcean VPS: 2. Host Multiple Websites on DigitalOcean Using Single Droplet : 3. Install multiple WordPress : 4. How To Install Composer and Configure Slim Framework 5. Install & Setup WordPress on DigitalOcean using one-click apps : 6. Setup CloudFlare with your DigitalOcean droplet, Godaddy: 7. Install Laravel 5.6 using composer & installer on DigitalOcean: using Laravel Installer: 8. How to upgrade from PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu DigitalOcean VPS - LAMP/Apache: 9. Setup DNS from GoDaddy with DigitalOcean Host - Custom Domain Name setup VPS: 10. How to connect to DigitalOcean using PuttY SSH on Windows 11. Install FREE SSL on Subdomains using Let's Encrypt: 12. Connect DigitalOcean Droplet to sFTP to upload project files using FileZilla: SUPPORT: We spend massive amounts of time creating these free videos, please donate to show your support: Follow SilverFoxA: #godaddy #silverfoxa #digitalocean #godaddyDNS #digitaloceanDNS #digitaloceantutorials #changeGoDaddyNameserver #createDigitalOceanDroplet #addCustomDomainToDigitalOcean #DigitalOceanDroplet #goDaddyDomain #setupWebHosting #digitaloceanwebhosting

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